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Introducing Tap Her Power: Uplifting and Empowering Women

Hello, dear readers! I am beyond excited to finally share with you the rebranding of Life by Shay, now known as Tap Her Power - an amazing resource for uplifting and empowering women! So far, my journey with this blog has been about sharing personal stories, honest advice, and valuable tips. However, recently I felt I could focus more on a particular goal: uplifting women from everywhere (particularly women of color) and helping them feel empowered both professionally & personally.

As WoC, we deal with a lot. Some of us are the breadwinners in our families, and we're trying to do it all: get our degrees, climb the corporate ladder, and start a business -- or a family. We face hurdles other races don't face. As a result, improving our mindset gets pushed to the side. Tap Her Power is a rich resource that celebrates female empowerment - especially for women of color – the space is devoted to helping women move past any self-limiting beliefs or fears as they discover their inner power. My mission is to create a community of empowered women who support each other in achieving their goals. It's also a space for allies interested in learning, supporting, and dismantling their unconscious bias.

If you are a current subscriber, I've already added you as a subscriber for the new site; as always, you can unsubscribe at any time. Life by Shay will remain up until the end of the year. So now it's time we start tapping into our potential together – because when one woman succeeds, she helps another succeed too!! See you at Tap Her Power.


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